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Our Capacity Building Strategy

The Effi Barry Training Institute provides trainings and technical assistance to support current and prospective HAHSTA grantees and community-based organizations in the Fee-for-Service business process; basic HIV service competencies; advanced skills in health care systems, data and health informatics; high-impact prevention programs, including biomedical; and emerging evidence-based or informed approaches through a series of group-level trainings, boot camps, community forums, and individual consultation.

Rooted in the idea of holistic, integrated, patient-centered care, HealthHIV capacity building efforts help develop an organization’s ability to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiencies, while remaining organizationally sustainable. The agency’s unique approach involves structuring sustainable systems and services that span the HIV care continuum. HealthHIV’s ability to diagnose and address multisystem challenges is enhanced by a comprehensive team of expert consultants and focuses on achieving measurable outcomes. By remaining data and outcomes driven, HealthHIV employs state-of-the-art, and state-of-the-sciences approaches to improve health care delivery.

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